Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Quiz Factory Contest! Here you can play contest on voice, text and mobile internet answering to different questions, where each correct answer will attribute you 100 points.

You can play contest by sending SMS or Dial voice shortcode at Rs. 2 Rs per sms or dial at Rs. 2 per minute on 58466 Shortcode.

Subscriber can buy multiple subscription packages: For Rs. 5 per day, and get 5 questions a day. You can purchase daily package by dialing 584661 or send a SMS with the word WIN1.

For 30 Rs a week, you will get 50 questions. You can purchase this package by dialing 584662 or send a SMS with the word WIN2.

Finally, for 75 Rs a month, you will get 100 questions during the same period. You can purchase this package by dialing 584663 or send a SMS with the word WIN3.

Select one of these options and you can win hundreds of Exciting Prizes! Brand new cars and daily recharges!

To win these prizes, accumulate more points during the referred periods and get also these documents ready to claim for the prizes : Identity Proof... Photocopy of PAN Card... Address Proof... Proof of holding the Aircel telephone connection... and Letter of Compliance with rules and regulations and declarations in the format as may be required by Aircel.

Now that you now everything, go and play the best contest ever, the amazing Quiz Factory Contest! please click on Contest Zone.